Hai guys, my name is Suhaila bt Roslan. 21y/o. You guys can call me Su, no funny business with kak, or sis, or what so ever. Iam a part-time blogger but I guess I spent most of my time with my blog, especially during leisure times :)) Im trying my best to up-to-date my Books Review since I had a lot of books and novels in my house. I can't barely not to fall in love with books. I love books, I enjoy reading them. 

Not only that, I also try to spent most of my time on readings as much as I can. You know, when you're so much in love *addicted with books, you might can't run from it.

I loved coffee, but once. Right now, I pushed myself to not take caffeine too much. I like plain water a lot back these days. I've been trying to take up to 3litres per day. Because I take a supplement. So I guess, I've to, got no other choice it seems ??

What else I am supposed to say :'))

Well, I am not a scoial media addicted, since I've got a lot of my social accounts being deactivated. I don't get enough time to 'play' with all of it. Right now, I keep a minimum no. of social media, like Blogger, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr. But I like my blog the most, I mean spending most of my time with my blog. Well actually, I got a lot of posts I'd published back there, but I eventually had to delete most of the posts. Iam truly sorry. Most of my post before, were my tutorials and freebies. But now, I just want to fill my 'new blog' with post related to me/my personal.

p/s : but you can ask me, if you want to learn about blog coding, I mean, I can still help you with it.

I live in Kulai, Johor Bahru. So I guess, thats all about me that you should know.

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