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Holla ! Welcome to Suhailaroslan Official Blog. My name is Suhaila Roslan but you guys can call me Su. I'm 21 years old. I am a Malacca baby born but got raise up in Kulai, Johor Bahru. Get connected with me in my available social media accounts that I've linked down below. Thank you. No spam please :)

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Hai guys, my name is Suhaila bt Roslan. 21y/o. You guys can call me Su, no funny business with kak, or sis, or what so ever. Iam a part-time blogger but I guess I spent most of my time with my blog, especially during leisure times :)) Im trying my best to up-to-date my Books Review since I had a lot of books and novels in my house. I can't barely not to fall in love with books. I love books, I enjoy reading them. 

Not only that, I also try to spent most of my time on readings as much as I can. You know, when you're so much in love *addicted with books, you might can't run from it.

What else I am supposed to say :'))

So I am a Malacca's baby born but got raise up in Kulai, Johor Bahru. As you guys knew already, before this I've made a lot of tutorials for new bloggers, but now I had deleted all the tutorials. I am truly sorry cause now I think I just wanna spent this blog all by myself :)) *gedikks lol. But still, if you guys have problems in setting up your blogger, you can ask me through email or twitter or even my facebook. Just go to the sidebar, I've put all the links there. You can reach me through any of those social media sites available. In Shaa Allah, I will try my best to make it happen for you.

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