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Freeks by Amanda Hocking

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Okay guys, Masya-Allah. Miss maa blog so much, muahh muahh :)) So today I decided to do reviews on Amanda Hocking latest book, FREEKS. I hope you guys enjoy reading this entry and give a big thumbs up for it. For those who is new here, do follow my blog and stay tuned for my next entry, cause I hope and I expect that it will be a beauty product that I've been using and I guess yeah, its quite good and so far Im satisfied with the outcomes/results.

Okay, so here's a bit of info from this book :
A fiction book
Copyright 2016 by Amanda Hocking
More information : address St. Martin's Press 175 Fifth Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10010 or you guys can go to
First Edition : January 2017
Page : 387
Price : 43.90MYR

So a bit of summary from the back cover of the book,

Mara has become used to the extraordinary. Roaming from place to place with Gideon Davorins' Traveling Carnival, she longs for an ordinary life where no one has the ability to levitate or predict the future.
She gets her chance when the struggling sideshow sets up camp in the small town of Caudry and she meets a gorgeous local guy named Cabe. But before long, Mara realizes there's dark presence lurking in the town that's threatening the lives of her friends. She has seven days to take control of a power she didn't know she had in order to save everyone she cared about - and change the future forever.
So as stated above, Mara is the main character in this story and she roaming around from place to place with Gideon Davorins' Traveling Carnival. Gideon had been dating with Mara's mother for a while. They got an invitation to set up a stage which I mean a carnival at a place called Caudry. On the way to reach there, something happened to them. I can't really tell you guys, the details cause you guys gotta grab and purchase this amazing book at your nearest bookstores. But Gideon reassured them that everything was fine, nothing happened. But Mara's mother actually got some senses. She knew something's not right, but she hope that it was her imagination.

Then Mara met with Selena and Logan (I hate this guy, he really do annoyed people). At that time, Logan was totally drunk and he couldn't even stand properly. So Selena ask Mara to help her to get Logan inside while enjoying Selena's birthday party. Then, Mara met with Gabe and they started to get to know with each other. However, Mara refused to tell about her secrets, that she's been living and  traveling with the carnival. She lives in a cramped trailers.

So, actually both of them kept secrets among each other, but they managed to reach up to a second date at the carnival until Gabe asked Mara that both of them will reveal each of their secrets on the fifth date. Somehow Mara feels uneasy about it, cause she did not expect that she could barely hang in up to the fifth date since she will be there only for a week.

At the same time, they still could not find Blossom that went missing. Gideon and Mara did ask for the police incharge in the Caudry, however Della Jane step up suddenly and claimed that Blossom might be around since there is a Tangipahoa Parish music festival somewhere. Della Jane then offered a help to them that she will find Blossom with the team incharge if Blossom still haven't been found in a couple of days.

Then, things getting start to get a little strange day by day. Mara can sense it somehow and so is Gideon. Gideon's eye will change into dark colours if he got a vision of something. But since they are really in need of money, that carnival must be kept going. Then, there was this sudden attack at night where Seth got beaten the hell out of him. Mara was shocked to look at Seth's condition since she knew that Seth was very strong, but how did he end up got beaten to death. Seth was sent to the hospital and he was in a state of coma. They thought that it would be the tigers' doing, but Zeke protest about it as the tigers belong to him, and he believe the none of the tigers would have attacked Seth.

After incident by incident, Gideon went to find Leonid Murphy. He once worked with them until he's been rumbling with drugs. So, after they met, Leonid showed them an offered letter given to him. Well, they are quite shock with the content of the letter since the letter asked them to come over to the Caudry around the week of March, the thirteenth, and it got Della Jane signature below it. Well, of course Della Jane offered them a hefty payday along with a bonus. Leonid also told them there's something weird going on around them and he believes it came from the Nukaobok Swamp, near where he lives.

Not long after that, they got attack more eagerly by  'that' thing. Gideon believes that 'that' thing was really hungry. Even he was in front of 'that' thing, he couldn't met 'that' thing eyes'. Mara believes that she's the only one who could stop 'that' thing from keep attacking them. Gabe insist that Mara need a help from him. Mara told him, that she didn't want Gabe to get involve with her problems until that day, where Mara and the carnivals' got attack by 'that' thing and she saw a werewolf came to help her. But then the werewolf's gone, Gabe step out from the bushes. Mara then knew herself that Gabe was the werewolf.

Gabe asked Mara to believe in him, that she didn't kill Blossom. He had nothing to do with whatever that are attacking Mara and the carnivals'. Gabe also told the history of his family that they are all werewolves. However, Gabe notices that her mother, Della Jane, had a secrets about the thing that attacked Mara and the carnivals'. Gabe believes that her mother had something to do with it. Della Jane however, kept the secrets and ask Gabe to stay out of it. Gabe insist to offered help to Mara. Gabe wants to fight with Mara if that's the only way that could protect Mara from danger and if that was the last day for the two of them. Della Jane then came to the carnival and insist Gabe to not get involve with it but Gabe refused. Della Jane then exposed the secret behind the attacked but still she don't want Gabe to help them even she knew 'that' thing are scared of werewolves as they are much stronger and Della Jane's previous generation had made a deal with 'the' thing.

//It's more like a family heritage that Della Jane had to kept as they made an agreement with 'that' thing.

Selena then step up and claimed that her mother was wrong after her father, Julian, tell her that there's way to get rid of that thing. So she decided to help Gabe and Mara to fight 'that' thing. As they are all busy discussing, Mara sense that 'it' has come, near them where suddenly Selena got attacked by 'that' thing. Della Jane turn into a werewolf to protect Selena and so is Gabe. But suddenly someone shot Gabe with a silver bullet cause Gabe to startled and fell into the ground. Mara however, used her power and read some kind of spell and took her shot towards 'that' thing and it finally destroyed.

Della Jane asked the police officer telling the carnival to leave immediately after that incident and ask them to never came back to Caudry ever again. Della Jane was so mad at Gabe, and she believes that it was Gabe's fault that Selena is dead now. Gabe then ask Mara, if he could tag along with Mara with the carnivals'. Lyanka, Mara's mother told that there's always a room for him. Mara and the carnivals' then leave the Caudry and continue their lives like usual together with Gabe.

So technically, I think that this book was so amazing. Amanda Hocking nailed it. I mean, this time, the storyline are quite different I supposed. But still it was all so alive, all the elements and the characters. I mean, who cares you got a werewolf boyfriend. He's rich, humble, romantic, nice, kind and got full package for a husband-to-be. What's with the werewolf huh ? Hahahahaha. I mean Gabe told Mara that he could control his werewolf kind of things. So yeah, I guess there would be no injuries to Mara then even she stay with a werewolf together, right ? Hahaha

Rating : 5/5
(honestly, this book are way too amazing)