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Which one do you prefer the most; Reading or Writing ?

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Hellllo guys, welcome back for my new entry. Unfortunately, Iam not going to continue with Kitab Terfaktab book review, cause I just wanna share with you guys, how much I love reading and writing at the same time for the past few years until this moment. I guess thats the reason why I can't leave this blogging world, huh ? Its okay, Iam going to make a short entry about this *I hope so :')) cause I love talking nonsense (nagging), lol

Which one do you guys prefer the most ? Reading or Writing ? Well, for me, I love doing both of them. It just makes my day. Especially whenever Im free, I'll filled up my time reading most of the time *if I don't have any idea to write on my blog. Basically, I prefer to edit my blog face most of the time, these lately. So, I think my time for reading end up wasted just like that.

I got lots and lots of books but, my house are still not a 'library material' yet ! It just that for me, it is quite unusual that I got so many books. But thats okay :)) I love them. There are references book, novels, magazines, scientific books and others. But I got novels the most out of it. I love Melur Jelita creation the most. Her works are a masterpiece ! I have all of them. And I'll make sure, I'll never left anything behind or miss out any of her novels in case she produced a new one in the future.

Among her works are like I Love You Stupid, My Precious Iris, Awak Suka Saya Tak, The Unsung Hero, The Unsung Hero : Wira Yang Tidak Didendang and Mikayla.

// I LOVE ALL OF THEM ! Like for real. I really admire her works. All the elements in the books are so much alive. She also gave out a lot of advices instead of just romance novels solely.

However, not only Melur Jelita, I also admire Siti Rosmizah masterpieces, Aisya Sofea, Fauziah Ashari, Sharifah Abu Salem, Siti Nur Dhuha, Pitteriah Abdullah, Damya Hanna and others. I barely remember all of their names. It just that these ones are my very favourite authors. I can almost tell the differences in their writing. I mean how the story lines from each authors. If ones knew Melur Jelita, you'll know how she wrote her novels. Siti Rosmizah also has her own way of writing. They all does. And thats what attract me to read.

I also adore E L James, J. K. Rowling and Amanda Hocking the most
I did review about two of Amanda Hocking trylle novels series which I love the most, you guys can go check it out on these links below :

I can still remember, the first novel that I read was, 7 Hari Mencintaiku by Siti Rosmizah. And starting from that, Im really into novel material person. I even brought novel to school and left my ref. books at home :')) And one day, I lend the 7 Hari Mencintaiku novel to my friend as she asks for it, and suddenly she said that the book was seized by Miss Gong because she read it during her lesson. I was like ?? No way. Go get the books before I mad ! Like seriously, I read novels in class too, but not during the lesson/teaching time. So, I am palm twitchingly mad at her ! I didn't say a word to her after I asked her to get the book herself from the teacher. But then, she said, she will buy it from somewhere. I don't know how to accept the reality that I can't get the old novel back. She came to me with the new one and sorry that she couldn't get back the old novel, and I was like, thats okay, eventhough the old one got its own sentimental value. But then, the next day, I was having an extra class with Miss Gong and I saw my old novel on her desk. No one was in the class yet. So, I pluck my courage and ask for it. She nags for a long time, but I seems not to bother at all cause in my mind, I was only thinking that I got the old novels back, and that is enough. Starting from that moment, I'd never lend my books/novels to anyone anymore :))

What the fussy with novels ? Guys, seriously, not only novels, but there are a lot of other books that you can read too. I read scientific books too, not only novels. It just that, when I read novels, I'll never let go of the book.. I'll stick to it 24/7. Its not bored at all. Not only novels guys, you guys can try to read some facts book or whatever books it is. Once you try it, you'll love it. Just don't push yourself when you need to stop. I didn't meant 24/7 like I am going to the bathroom along with the books too. No. Sometimes, when you read scientific books, you'll get bored. Guys, there are tips in reading. Especially when you are momorizng your notes, that calls reading too guys !

Click here for some Study Tips :

There's different between reading and memorizing. In order to memorize your notes more easy, firstly you need to understand it. Make a simple note *mindmapping ! Highlight important keywords. Your explaination will be much more better only if you understand it. Read/Memorize for 45 minutes and then rest, drinks water or exercise or perhaps even walking around *avoid feeling too much pressure and after few minutes continue to read.
Okay, back to the topic, so thats how I first got involved in reading.

" I have always imagined paradise as a kind of library... ~ by Jorge Luis Borges "
Guys, can you really imagined you have a big shelves filled with books that you bought. Aegoo ! Im so excited just to think about it.

As for writing, I'm not quite sure when I am really into this era. I used to have blog back then. I started my blog *this blog in the middle of 2010. But I am not much of a writer at that time. I don't like writing. After 2 years I guess, I starting to do tutorials to help new fresh bloggers to modify and customized their blog *I had delete my past tutorials and freebies but you can simply ask me if you want me to teach anything.I'll try my best to make it happen. But still, I don't like to write much back then.

Starting from 2014, when I was in Form 4, my Bahasa Melayu teacher said that, if I loves to write, then go on with it. Don't stop. Don't let anyone take it from you *talent in writing ! Starting from that, she ask her student, teach them to write anything as a homework. Write as much as you want. And that's the time where I love to write. I fell in love in writing. But in Malay. For now, I don't know why I write in English. I've got no idea. It just flow out through me. And I am truly sorry if my English are bad *broken. Still trying :'))

The teacher said that,
" No matter what you write, make sure it comes from the bottom of your heart... "

OMG, I can't believe myself that I actually remember all her words and advices. I miss her so much. She taught me a lot of things. She never downgraded her students. And I guess, thats the reason I adore her so much.

After almost a year if I am not mistaken, I got a call from my dearest friend, Ainnur Syazwani saying that I got the first place in a writing competition at a state level organized by Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka. I was so surprised during that time. I've no idea that I was involved in a writing contest organized by DBP. Ain said that, the teacher did call me, but because of the number are no longer used, so she was unable to contact me. Instead, Ain took the prize on my behalf because she won the consolation award too. We both loves to write.. and reading novels too.

You can write a journal about your life. Buy a book, don't have to buy a bigger book, the small one is enough. Make a diary perhaps. What else ? Soon, you'll fall in love with writing just as much as I love it too ❤❤❤

So, I guess, there's always first in everything. I tried to fall in love in reading, and so I did. I tried to fall in love in writing, and again I did it. There;s nothing can actually stop you if you really work hard for it. Reading and writing are both different but somehow they are connected towards each other. You'll love to write only because you had read it. No matter what it is. I love doing both of them, especially reading. Right now, I am also reading all my books that I bought for the xx times I guess. I need to find and buy new books before I ruined the old one.

" Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing... ~ by Benjamin Franklin "